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40 FREE Love Poem Prompts

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For new writers, those who frequently experience writer’s block, or anyone who wishes to find a way to redirect their anger. 


Venting To Verse - How To Turn Anger Into Poetry is an inspiring guide that unlocks the power of turning anger into positive energy through poetry. The author, Jacalyn Eyvonne, offers an approachable guide to transforming raw rage into something creative by teaching her methods to transform emotions into beautiful, artful pieces with step-by-step instructions for word puzzlers, brainstorming techniques, and much more!


This book encourages readers to move from feeling overwhelmed with anger to being in control of their emotions by understanding the source of their anger and how to use it as a building block for using the power of words to move from a place of anger to creating something beautiful. 


When it comes to expressing emotions, poetry has always been a powerful medium. By writing poetry, we can not only vent our anger constructively, but we can also gain insight into ourselves and the situations that trigger us. Inside, you’ll find exercises exploring self-expression through word capture, poetry examples, and activities that help you effectively work through those moments of anger or sadness, discover how to use words to express your feelings, and help harness the strength inside anger.


Jacalyn Eyvonne is the former founder and publisher of In The Company of Poets Magazine, which enjoyed its lifespan during the 90s. Past founder of the Poetry Joust, endorsed by Dr. Julia Hare, she and Dr. Nathan Hare serving as jurors for the poetry competition. She is the current founding director of the Monologues & Poetry International Film Fest and author of “I Am Not An Inconsequential Word, Poetry & Remnants. A multitalented creative, she also works with the mediums of film and photography.

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40 Love Poem Prompts

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