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My junior high school art teacher told me I was a
Multidimensional Creative.

I Still Am!

Poetry/Prose/Horror​ Writer

New Poetry & Memoir Collection

Coming Soon!

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Combines a spectrum of dark suspense and psychological thrills.

In this collection of seventeen shorts, you'll find stories that appeal to a range of fans who seek to discover unique new tales with surprising twist endings.

"A woman carries the pain of her mother's cruelty. 

A young bully's shadow terrorizes him.

A coach draws the ire of his players at his relentlessness to win.

Widespread fear succumbs a neighborhood petrified by the appearance of a vicious dog."



Is an award-winning independent filmmaker and fiction scriptwriter. A graduate of the Academy of Art University in Motion Picture and Television, she works across a variety of genres.

Strange Things Happen At MIDNIGHT offers a good sampling of her vivid imagination.

Strange Things Happen
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After reading a story I had just written to a friend, he had a strange look. It was one of those looks you see in a scary movie when a person realizes they are afraid of you. 

  —Jacalyn Eyvonne


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