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My Junior High School
Art Teacher Told Me
I Was A


I Still Am!



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I grew up with a mom that loved reading. The wall of our den was filled with books across a wide range of genres, poetry, history, romance novels, and offerings by some of the most well-known mystery and horror story writers. She worked the graveyard shift at a major county hospital in Los Angeles. When she arrived home in the mornings, her bedtime began, and while she slept, I read her books.


I found myself fascinated with poetry and reading her horror stories became intoxicating. I lived between the poetic voice and the intensity of the feeling of being afraid, finding myself jumping and squealing aloud or crying tears of both joy and sadness from the verses I read. Some might consider my writing a curious combination, however, I love a variety of genres and I refused to allow myself to be boxed into a category. I am as my teacher described, a multidimensional creative.

I began writing my own stories at a young age and fell in love with the mystery horror genre. Murder became my velleity, and so did scary movies. It was at this time that I also began writing poetry. In the 90s, I became the founding editor of the international magazine “In The Company of Poets.”

A graduate of the Academy of Art University in Motion Picture and Television, I became an independent filmmaker dabbling in creating some of my own short horror stories. I both write, direct, and produce. While some of my stories sojourns are splattered in the macabre, many are not.


In my writings, I attempt to allow one to develop a relationship with the characters in my stories, then offer a plot twist or surprise ending. I have a lot more of what some might consider crazy thoughts in my head. However, believe me when I say, “I’m not crazy; I just have a hungering sweet tooth for both poetic and eerie.”

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